Personalized Private Passenger Services We have been flying our customers in comfort and safety for nearly 40 years – and our experience shows.

Government Affairs

Kalitta Charters is an approved carrier for the United States Government, including the Department of Defense.

Business & Personal

Whatever your destination, flying with Kalitta will ensure you arrive in style, safety and comfort, all at an affordable price.

Organ Procurement

Kalitta works with organ donor registries to bring donor organs and their recipients together as safely and quickly as possible.

Our Priority

Our pilots are held to the highest standards of safety and professionalism, surpassing those of commercial airlines.

24/7 Scheduling

Our professional flight operations center can customize your itinerary and get your trip airborne in less than two hours.

VIP Status

We offer a wide range of additional services including premium in-flight catering, pet accommodations, and ground transportation needs.

Point-to-Point routes

We offer domestic & international flight service from convenient airports of your choice.

Privacy & Comfort

We can offer you the privacy and comfort that you are looking for those important business trips, exotic family vacations or romantic weekends.

Cost-effective Travel

At Kalitta Charters we pride ourselves on providing the most secure, safe and stress-free private air charter experience at a reasonable price.

Our Passenger Fleet

Our impeccably maintained fleet offers luxurious, convenient, and secure transport. All of our aircraft are owned and operated by the Kalitta Charters and consists of Light, Mid, and Heavy aircrafts which ensures a comfortable and relaxing flight, along with all the convenience and privacy that chartering an aircraft can offer.

All passenger flights are flown by a two pilot crew and all of our captains are Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rated which are held to the highest standards of safety and professional conduct.

Organ Procurement

Kalitta Charters’ MedFlight division is trusted by organ registries, procurement organizations, hospitals and patients to bring life-saving organs and their recipients together quickly and safely. As soon as we get the call, our highly experienced 24-hour dispatch team responds immediately.

We coordinate with facilities at both ends of the transfer, including ground ambulance crews, to ensure no time is wasted during the transportation of either organ or recipient.  By keeping in constant contact, we ensure that receiving facilities are prepared well in advance of our arrival.  We can accommodate any surgical team and/or donor recipient.

Government Affairs

Kalitta Charters is an approved carrier for the US Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Department of Energy to operate all company-owned aircraft in all configurations including passenger, cargo and air ambulance.

Quality and safety audits are conducted regularly by the DoD, DoJ and DoE to assess Kalitta Charters’ performance in all areas of operations. Although civilian agencies such as ARG/US and Wyvern conduct audits for non-DoD approved carriers, the DoD standards for approval exceed FAA, ARG/US and Wyvern standards.