Our Services

MedFlight Services:

At Kalitta MedFlight we have been transporting patients safely, securely, and at the highest standards of medical care for over 26 years. Our highly experienced team will handle all your aeromedical transport needs, leaving you to focus on what is most important – the care of your loved one.


Kalitta Passenger:

Kalitta has more than 40 years’ flying experience under our wings. Whether it’s a business meeting in Boston or a day trip to Denver, we’ll get you there in style. Simply call our 24-hour dispatch center, let us know where you want to be and when, and we’ll do the rest.


Kalitta Cargo:

When it comes to transporting critical cargo safely, securely and on time around the world, no one does it better than us. After all, the Kalitta family began airfreight operations back in 1967. If it fits inside an airplane, we’ve probably flown it – and if we haven’t, we’ve got the team to make it happen.


Kalitta Maintenance:

Coming Soon!